Occasionally I write articles of interest to a broad audience of those thinking about psychological health. My most popular articles are:
1) Top Ten Dating Mistakes
2) Top Ten Relationship Wreckers

I was inspired back in 2003 after being interviewed by Toni Nicolino, reporter for the Washington Square News I wrote a version of that interview as: Young Couples and Marriage.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques have been shown helpful in weight management and weight loss as well as eating disorders. As a result of working with many clients who were addressing these areas, I wrote: Diets – It’s Not What You Eat, It’s What You Think as well as Top Ten Weight Loss / Maintenance Power Tips.

In the past when Dr. Phil was in the early stages of his television career (and book writing), I commented on and reviewed several of his books and techniques/recommendations, including Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution Cookbook: A Review.

Most of my content and articles don’t end up here on the CTA website, but are instead on other sites. I blog on Psychology Today, and I will take over the Managing Editor position at once the development team has completed the redesign and re-launch.


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