Couples, Marriage and Family Therapy – Focus Areas

We spend most of our lives in relationships of one sort or another, as children, teens and adults the dynamics of relationships as well as the type of relationships change.  Some relationships are short-term, some are forced by tradition or career, but they all share a common thread, relationships can have challenging phases.  Sometimes only one person in a relationship peels things are not as they should be, and other times both or all parties know there is a problem that requires some work to solve.  Because mental health professionals are trained in best practices to solve a variety of relationship issues in a therapeutic setting.  The specific areas we feel are different enough to warrant their ow sections are:

  1. Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy
  2. Family Counseling: Family Therapy and CBT
  3. Relationship Therapy
  4. Parenting Issues & Family Therapy

While there are commonalities in the way to approach relationship therapy of all types, each of the above areas of focus have their own unique set of therapeutic methods, sometimes combining several modalities of therapy, from CBT and Schema Therapy to Psychodynamic therapy.

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