Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution Cookbook: A Review

Dr. Phil is on a serious mission to help fight the war on obesity. Over the past four decades, despite the fervent emphasis on weight loss and fitness, Americans have been getting fatter and fatter. All the complicated diets, fancy pharmaceuticals and expensive machinery have led to one disappointment after another. People in search of the quick fix are beginning to get it: there is no magic bullet.

Enter Dr. Phil, with his straight-talking, no-nonsense advice. Dr. Phil is an expert at telling it like it is, and now he’s serving up the basic facts that people have been reluctant to embrace. Sure, you can go on a crash diet and lose a bunch of weight in a fairly short amount of time, but will you keep it off? Over 90% of people who have been struggling with their weight have found that diets ultimately make them fat because after they lose a number of pounds, they go off the diet and put it all back on. When it comes to weight loss, the true goal is weight maintenance, and that requires a person to adopt specific lifestyle changes. Dr. Phil has been telling his audience, “Next year, you’ll either weigh more or less than you do right now…either you’re gonna get real about fat or you’re gonna get real fat.”

The latest offering in Dr. Phil’s arsenal of tools for achieving weight control is his new book, The Ultimate Weight Solution Cookbook. Like Dr. Phil, the recipes in his book are down-home, practical and all-American. More than 100 recipes — each designed by culinary and nutrition experts, and taste-tested by Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw — are included in the book. These recipes were created to help you eat the “high-response cost, high-yield” food that is Key #5 of the 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. The selections are high in flavor as well as nutrition, and this new healthy way of eating can be enjoyable and satisfying for the whole family. We all know that to maintain lifestyle changes, it has to feel good, and as the book acknowledges “great taste is one of the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off.”

In addition to the dozens of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks, The Ultimate Weight Solution Cookbook contains important tips on setting up a “no-fail” kitchen (Key #3), as well as Dr. Phil’s Rapid Start Plan. The 14 days of planned menus and the corresponding recipes are designed to jump-start your way to the healthy and slimmer you.

by Dr. Allison Kahner, Clinical Director, Cognitive Therapy Associates.

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