Family Counseling: Family Therapy and CBT

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for families is brief and solution-focused, and addresses a wide range of psychological problems (depression, anxiety, anger outbursts, acting out behavior, obesity, addictions, coping with physical illness, etc.). Patterns, especially around issues of conflict, are examined to identify the roots of the problem, as well as the goals for the therapy. The work is focused on helping the family members to think and behave more adaptively, and to learn to make better choices in efforts to get needs met, so that the family environment is more stable and peaceful. Insight, empathy, respect, and caring are enhanced with family members who are invested in the treatment. When working with families, therapists often see members individually as well as together, to get a full picture of the issues involved, and to work more in depth with each individual regarding their role or contribution to the family’s problematic patterns. The family meetings are forums in which perspectives and experiences are shared, and increased understanding and problem-solving occurs. Throughout the course of treatment, progress is made toward improved family functioning.

Cognitive Therapy Associates (CTA) has experienced therapists (licensed clinical psychologists and social workers) across New York City, Westchester and L.I. who provide CBT to families and couples. To inquire about our services or make an appointment, please call us at 212-258-2577.

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