Transactional Analysis Therapy

Transactional Analysis is a psychoanalytic theory and a type of therapy that was developed by a psychoanalytically-trained Psychiatrist, Eric Berne. In understanding an individual’s behavior, this specific type of therapy takes into consideration the ego state of the individual – whether they are parent-like/exteropsyche, adult-like/neopsyche or child-like/archaeopsyche (also known as the P-A-C Model). Individuals are then encouraged to change their ego state in order to deal with their respective psychological issues.

In Transactional Analysis, the “transaction” describes the fundamental unit of social intercourse, while “transactional analysis” being the study of social interactions between individuals.

In development of Transactional Analysis, Berne evaluated the complexities of human communication. For example, most other forms of analysis don’t factor in facial expressions, gestures, body language, and tone.  These non-verbal modes of communication play in important role in the interaction between and across both adults and children.  Cross cultural communications also have non-verbal elements of communication as there may be language issues as well as different norms within a culture.

Most mental health clinicians naturally use non-verbal cues in understanding their client’s communications and some of the therapists also will incorporate that into the therapy.

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