Traditional Psychotherapy


Traditional Psychotherapy, just like the other types of therapy, aims to mitigate social, developmental, behavioral and emotional difficulties, and irrational thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and feelings. This type of therapy primarily consists of two people – the therapist and the individual seeking for help – both working together towards the common goal which is the betterment of the mental health of the individual. This goal may be achieved through several hours of conversations between the therapist and the patient. Most conversations would be focused on the entire existence of the patient. Pertinent information gathered by the therapist from the conversations would then be analyzed, and with the use of the therapist’s skills, expertise and knowledge in Psychology, possible solutions to the issues of the patient and appropriate coping mechanisms would then be identified. This type of therapy is usually conducted by licensed Psychiatrists and Psychologists. If one is interested in traditional psychotherapy, one must be able to invest a lot of time as one session is not enough for this traditional type of therapy.

Short-term or brief therapy can often achieve the same or superior outcome with far less time, cost and energy. For this reason the CTA therapists will focus on behavioral therapy techniques as their primary modality, but for some clients may weave in elements of traditional psychotherapy.

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