Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling deals with the spiritual and philosophical beliefs of an individual. Though Psychology is a highly scientific field, one might assume that it would not blend well with Spirituality. However, past researches have proven the effectiveness of taking into consideration the spiritual beliefs of an individual when undergoing therapy or counseling.

This specific form of counseling aims to heal an individual’s psychological pain by focusing on their belief systems, and utilizing their faith in a higher power as a source of strength and hopefully as an answer to their inner conflicts. Spiritual counseling incorporates being one with nature, meditating, and many more unconventional therapeutic styles in the healing process of an individual. All of which aims to connect the body and mind of the individual to his/her own soul in order to have better insight on their pain and inner conflicts.

As one might expect, the success of spiritual counseling can have a lot to do with the practitioner, the spirituality and faith of the person seeking therapy and the specific issues being dealt with.

Many of CTA’s therapists are familiar with the ways that spiritual beliefs can aid in addressing life’s challenges.

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