Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a known form of psychotherapy that deals with problems such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation, irrational sexual fetishes, excessively painful sex and lack of sexual confidence, which may have been caused by trauma from sexual assault, stress, over-fatigue, lack of self-confidence, and other possible psychological factors. This specific type of therapy can be a possible solution to sexual dysfunctions when there are no physiological or medical explanations to the existing problem.

This specific kind of therapy is very controversial and is usually a conservative topic in social, religious and educational settings as sex is a taboo in certain settings. However, sex is believed to be natural occurrence by some, and the approach to it in this type of therapy is evidence-based and scientific as sex therapists take into great consideration the environmental, psychological, biological, pharmacological and social aspect of the sexual problem. Besides from the aforementioned, everyone who will be going through sex therapy would need a rigorous medical and psychological examination prior to the conduction of the therapy.

The length of the therapy may vary and would usually depend on the problem presented to the therapist. Sex therapy is usually conducted by licensed social workers, physicians, psychologists and therapists who have undergone extensive training and are certified to conduct such therapy. Certified sex therapists are prohibited from having any sexual contact with their clients.

While CTA does not have any professionals focused on Sex Therapy, we have found that many of the issues that get in the way of good sex and good relationships have a basis in thought patterns and behaviors that can be addressed using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  This then leads to resolution of many things that can get in the way of enjoying life most fully, including sex.

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