Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy, developed by William Glasser in the 1960s, mainly focuses on the here and now of an individual, rather than their past. Reality therapists would first and foremost, try to shift the attention of an individual away from their past experiences to focus on their present situation instead, in order to identify the things the individual could do today for a better tomorrow. This type of therapy promotes the importance of taking charge of one’s own life, knowing the things one could and could not change, and making better decisions for one’s own future. Reality therapists would guide the individuals in making specific and realistic plans which would be of great help in the attainment of an individual’s basic needs and achievement of their personal goals. These plans, however, are very much open to their revisions based on their personal wants, needs and capabilities as they are the only ones in charge of their own lives.
Reality Therapy shares some similarities with cognitive-behavioral therapy as individuals are encouraged to identify or become more aware of their present situation and identify what they could do or things and thoughts they could change in order attain a better future.


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