Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy, is designed to “reveal the unconscious content of a client’s psyche in an effort to alleviate psychic tension” according to Wikipedia. Unlike some other forms of therapy, Psychodynamic psychotherapy relies on the “interpersonal relationship between client and therapist.” as with other forms of therapy, Psychodynamic therapy incorporates a focus on the unconscious mind however unlike other therapies based on “depth psychology”  Psychodynamic Therapy uses different technical procedures. 

This specific type of therapy emphasizes the importance of having insight and understanding the unconscious above all. This can be done by making known the individual’s inner self, repressed emotions and thoughts to the individual himself/herself. It also aims to explain how the unconscious affects an individual’s behavior, thoughts and emotions. The therapists also finds solutions to the inner conflicts the individual is experiencing as part of the individual’s healing process from their mental disorder.

Most clinicians believe that Psychodynamic therapy typically requires at least 2 years of constant sessions as it aims to change a particular part of an individual’s identity or personality, or to revisit a developmental stage that was missed as the individual was fixated at an earlier developmental stage.  However some clinicians believe that brief psychodynamic therapy, which is more goal-oriented can deliver results in 25 sessions or less.

Many psychotherapists utilize some elements of psychodynamic theories in their practice, however, healing is more likely to be achieved when several techniques are utilized at the same time, in particular cognitive-behavioral techniques within CBT or Schema Therapy.


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