Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a type of psychotherapy which is proven to be more effective when used with children who are having social, developmental, behavioral and emotional difficulties which may have been induced biologically, or by physical abuse, neglect, injury or any experience that may have been traumatizing to the child. Play therapy is indicated most frequently when such difficulties are extreme, persistent and without any alternative solution. Because some children may not be vocal of their true feelings, play therapy is an effective way of identifying the underlying problem and communicating with the child through deep understanding of their fantasies and symbolic meaning/s of the child’s play.

There are two common types of play therapy – directive and non-directive. Directive play therapy, also known to be the structured and guided type of play therapy, is the type where the play therapist or the clinician leads the way. This specific type of play therapy is often associated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as it is more of a problem-focused and an action-based type of therapy. Non-directive on the other hand, or the client-centered, non-intrusive and unstructured type of play therapy, is the type where the child is in the lead instead of the play therapist or the clinician. It is associated with Psychodynamic Therapy as its goal is to reveal the unconscious conflicts of the child. One specific type of play therapy, or both types, may be utilized depending on the situation of the child or on the needs of the play therapist or the clinician.

CTA has clinicians trained in the use of Play Therapy.


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